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DP 4.0 Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Kit - Part A & B

DP 4.0 Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Kit - Part A & B

PriceFrom $122.00

Choosing the right epoxy is crucial to the quality of your table and how well it turns out. DP4.0 is a specially formulated epoxy resin, specifically designed for making River Tables. It is slow curing(low heat), has low viscosity and excellent bubble dispersion. This resin has been designed for thick, crystal clear pours, and has a high temperature resistance of up to 90 degrees (Celsius) once cured. It’s UV resistant, self leveling, cures rock hard and mixes well with all pigments and powders.


This product comes in a 2:1 ratio mixed by weight

4KG Resin, 2KG Hardener

1KG product ~ 1 Litre

Item Epoxy Resin(A) Epoxy Hardener(B)
Appearance Liquid


Color Transparent Transparent
Viscosity@25C (mpa.s) 3000-3500 300-350
Mix Ratio 2 1
Hardness (Shored) >D90 >D90
Solid Content 100% 100%
Operation Time 50-60Mins @ 25C 50-60Mins @ 25C
Curing Time 12Hours @ 25C 8Hours @ 40C
Cured Time 48Hours @ 25C 48Hours @ 25C
Polished Time 48Hours @ 25C 48Hours @ 25C
Shelf Life 12 Months 12 Months


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