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At Resin FX we pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality products and service.

Explore our site and see for yourself, we love our work and hope you do to.

Our Resins are of the highest quality, with a crystal clear resolution, high U.V protection and a high scratch, stain and yellowing resistance.

These resins produce a VOC free, high gloss, self levelling finish that achieves beautiful results first time.

We use our own products in the workshop everyday - where we create one off Swamp Kauri Tables and River Tables.

Our aim has always been to bring you quality resins, formulated for New Zealands climate, with an unbeatable finish.


What Makes Us Different?

We provide good old fashion Kiwi care, quality and service. No marketing gimmicks or big sales rep salaries; just outstanding quality resins and custom furniture with a price tag your wallet will love and customer service you'll tell your friends about.

We're passionate about creating resins, pigments and custom furniture that every time you look at brings a small smile to your face

Why You'll Love Us

Eye-Catching & Unique

Imagine you have your family and friends over for a meal...

Sitting in the living room is your brand new ResinFX custom table.

Your guests walk in and you greet them with enthusiasm, they take 3 steps in and stop abruptly, eyes fixed on the table. 

That's the ResinFX effect!

Top Quality

Yes, we know it's cliche...

BUT here at ResinFX we don't take any shortcuts and have made it our priority to be the best quality supplier of Resins, Pigments, Sealers, Accessories and Custom Furniture in Aotearoa

Terry and the team hand make, pack and dispatch every product to ensure we never let you down

Old Fashion Service

We've travelled the globe (like we're sure many of you have) and were absolutely gobsmacked with how big corporations use a myriad of ploys to extract our very last dollar 


 It seems we've forgotten what it's like to receive good old fashion authentic Kiwi service. Terry and the team have made it their priority to bring that back in bucket loads!

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