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Choosing the right epoxy is crucial to the quality of your table and how well it turns out. DP4.0 is a specially formulated 2 part epoxy resin, specifically designed for making River Tables. It is slow curing(low heat), has low viscosity and excellent bubble dispersion. This resin has been designed especially for thick, crystal clear pours, and has a high-temperature resistance of up to 90 degrees (Celsius) once cured. It’s UV resistant, self-leveling, cures rock hard, and mixes well with pigments and powders.

Resin Container TT Part A.png

TT4.0 is a two-part epoxy resin, is a fast curing, ultra-clear, and UV resistant coating for tabletops, counters, artwork, etc. It’s 100% waterproof, has a high scratch, stain, and yellowing resistance, and contains no VOCs. With excellent self-leveling qualities, it’s easy to achieve beautiful glossy results the first time.



ResinFX epoxy resin pigments, metallic powders, and transparent dyes are added to a clear epoxy to give it a rich, deep colour. Our epoxy color products are specially formulated to suspend in our epoxies, for even mixing and setting.The high tinting properties enable the use of little quantities of pigment. Our collection of resin dyes and pigments can be blended to create an endless amount of color combinations.

Metallic Pigments



From table legs to stirring sticks, our accessories range covers a variety of products required when using epoxy resins. Our range is building everyday, and if there's something you need that we haven't advertised, there's a good chance we might have a sample or something that might help. 

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